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Project: Call Center Management

The company was using a legacy call center management software, which was developed with ColdFusion, a technology the team couldn't support anymore. The tool was also a stand-alone software, which made the data sharing impossible with other enterprise applications. The business decided to redevelop the software, with the requirements of

My Role
Design lead; oversaw the development process between the internal and offshore design teams.

Wireframes; branding and style guides; visual assets.

1. Wireframes
After I gathered the requirements and user needs, I prepared a document illustrated how the application will work, page by page. This document enabled the team to have in depth discussion about how the new application could work for our call center.
Below are a few examples from the document.

wireframe wireframe wireframe wireframe wireframe

2. Branding & Style guide
We used the offshore team to write the codes for this project. Therefore it's important to communicate our branding and style guide to them, so that the look and feel of this program will stay consistent with our other programs.
Below are a few example from the style guide I wrote.

styleguide styleguide styleguide styleguide

3. Example of high fidelity mockup
I created low or high fidelity mockups, as a way to get feedbacks from stakeholders. Once they are approved, they can also be sent to the developers for them to understand the project.

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